Five U.S. cities desperate to be next to host another failed WJC campaign

The Elbow staff

Image courtesy of  Resolute

Image courtesy of Resolute

NEW YORK, NY – USA Hockey today named the finalists to host the 2018 World Junior Hockey Championship.

The cities - Pittsburgh, Chicago, Tampa Bay, Buffalo and St. Louis - were all reportedly very excited at the possibility of being the next to continue the tradition of failed campaigns on home soil. 

Since 1977, the U.S. WJC team has won just one bronze medal in five tournaments held in the States. 

It's a rich reputation that the group from Buffalo are keen to uphold.

"If there's one city in this country that knows how to deal with massive letdown, it's us," one representative from the Buffalo group told The Elbow.  

"Not many cities are able to boast our storied history of failed championships and winless droughts. We're just thankful that Cleveland talked themselves out of putting in a bid."

It is believed that Chicago are an early front runner to get the nomination, with decision makers hoping that the magic fairy dust that has been sprinkled over the city's hockey successes in recent years will run out by the time 2018 rolls around.