Gatorade bottle actually filled with water

The Elbow staff

Image courtesy of  Dan4th Nicholas

Image courtesy of Dan4th Nicholas

ST. PAUL, MN - It has been revealed by Minnesota Wild team personnel today that a Gatorade bottle used by goaltender Niklas Backstrom last season was actually filled with water.   

The incident occurred during a January 13 game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

While Backstrom couldn't be reached for comment by The Elbow, the club insider said he had it on good authority that the bottle did not contain the electrolyte-packed liquid.

"I can confirm that the bottle in question used by Niklas Backstrom on January 13 in Pittsburgh was filled with H2O," he said.

"Prior to the game, the empty bottle was given to one of the game day staff members known on the team as 'The Waterboy', taken into a room where no gatorade was stored, and returned – filled – to the bench for the starting goaltender to take to his net."

Backstrom was replaced by John Curry half way through the third period after giving up six goals.

At press time, various members of the league's administration were meeting to discuss what an adequate punishment would look like.