NHL app actually breaks news story

The Elbow staff


NEW YORK, NY – In a world-first, the NHL's official app for iPhone and Android broke a story today.

Instead of publishing a day after all other news outlets like normal, league officials confirmed that they had beaten everyone else to the punch on this occasion.

"This is a tough industry to be a part of," Nelson Tam, one of the league's official writers said today.

"Even though we're almost always the first to know every single detail, somehow we always seem to get stiffed by the guys at TSN or Sportsnet. Beating everyone else to this one is a great feeling."

Fans around the league celebrated receiving some up-to-date news from the app for once, with many admitting that prior to this breakthrough, it served almost no purpose whatsoever.

"I keep the NHL app just because I feel sorry for the guys working on it," Tony Smythe of Brooklyn said. "It can't be easy having that on your resume when you go looking for a new job."

"But everyone has to start somewhere."

At press time, journalists at NHL headquarters were investigating a potential new contract for Florida's Jonathan Huberdeau.