NHL fans can't wait to see how their favourite players get injured at World Cup

The Elbow staff

Fans around the league are excited to visit Toronto to see how their team's players get injured  Source

Fans around the league are excited to visit Toronto to see how their team's players get injured Source

TORONTO, ON – With the World Cup of Hockey now underway, fans around the league are on the edge of their seats, excitedly waiting to see how their team's stars get injured playing in the tournament.

Dallas fans got an early taste of the excitement, with star centre Tyler Seguin sidelined with a fractured heel after injuring it in a pre-tournament game last week.

Captain Jamie Benn withdrew from the tournament earlier this summer after having surgery to repair an injury sustained during the NHL season.

But Dallas fans aren't the only ones looking forward to getting in on the action. Several fans in Toronto have contemplated losing one of Auston Matthews or Morgan Rielly.

"We just can't wait to see which of our young guns gets injured first," Steve Lees of Thornhill said. 

"To have the season start without Matthews would be a huge letdown after all of the buildup after the draft, but on the other hand, having Rielly miss the first half of the season would be devastating as well." 

"There are just so many outcomes, that I can't wait to see how it all pans out."

Five hours up the road in Montreal, fans there have been taking bets on the numerous possible results for their team.

"It feels like we could lose half of our roster," lifelong fan Pierre Trancot said. 

"Price could re-injure his knee, miss another full season, and ensure we don't come close to the playoffs. I'm giving my buddies the shortest odds on that happening."

"But there are plenty of other options. Shea Weber's debut in the bleu, blanc et rouge could be delayed, which would make that trade look even worse. I'm giving pretty good odds on that as well."

With four other Habs players set to compete – Emelin, Markov, Pacioretty and Plekanec – there's no shortage of fun to be had in Montreal.

"There are so many reasons for us to watch."