OHL hires Queen's Guards to patrol ice for streakers

By Wally Barnes

A Queen's Guard patrols the ice at today's game in Ottawa.  Source

A Queen's Guard patrols the ice at today's game in Ottawa. Source

MISSISSAUGA, ON – Ontario Hockey League commissioner David Branch today announced that the league would be employing members of the Queen's Guard for the remainder of the season to patrol the ice to discourage streakers.

The unusual move came after a CHL commission was opened after a fan jumped the glass back in October, running from one end of the rink to the other before being escorted off by referees.

"We need to guarantee the safety of our players and officials," Branch said this afternoon. "That is our number one priority."

"By bringing in the best of the best who actively guard one of the world's highest figures, we feel as if we're sending a very clear message to anyone looking to illegally enter the playing surface."

When asked if the guards know how to skate, Branch indicated that "one or two" look pretty good on the ice, but said that the majority will undergo a crash course in developing the skill.

"Most of them more or less look like baby elephants with skates on."

Reports indicate that Scott Hartnell has asked for special dispensation from the Columbus Blue Jackets to join the classes. 

The guards will be on the playing surface before and after each game, as well as during each timeout. Up to three guards will be on the ice at all times.

Much like their compatriots at Buckingham Palace, the guards will be encouraged to put on their best serious faces during duty.

Images of Brian Burke have been provided to all guards as an example of the standard to be set.

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