Report: Avs coach secretly hoping team will ask him to return to play

The Elbow staff 

DENVER, CO – Colorado head coach Patrick Roy is reportedly pushing for general manager Joe Sakic to allow him to suit up in net and take back his mantle as the team's number one goaltender.

According to an unnamed source, Roy believes that he would be a significant upgrade over the tandem of Semyon Varlamov and Reto Berra.

"He would be a welcome addition to a squad that is struggling to keep the puck out of the net," the source said in a thick Quebec accent.

"The beauty of this is that no other teams are aware of Roy's plans to return. No other team in the league could match the addition of the greatest goaltender of all time to their roster."

It is believed that Roy has been dropping subtle hints to Sakic for the past two weeks, including walking past his office door repeatedly while dressed in full goaltender gear, and having the team equipment manager throw rolled up bits of tape at Sakic's head, only for Roy to pop up out of nowhere and catch it with his glove hand.

If Roy does come out of retirement, he would be playing in his first NHL game in over 10 years, after retiring at the end of the 2002-03 season.

According to the anonymous source, that time off wouldn't be a concern. 

"He's the best goaltender of all time. He never lost that. He's as ready as he ever was."

At press time, the Avalanche did not return The Elbow 's request for comment.