Nolan Patrick looking for creative illnesses this season

The Elbow staff 

Image source:  Michael Coghlan

Image source: Michael Coghlan

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Flyers' second overall draft pick Nolan Patrick today told reporters that he hopes to find creative ways to be kept out of the team's lineup this season.

Patrick, who is currently sidelined with an infection of the face, is already planning ahead to his next major affliction.

"Playing at this level is a real test," he said. "I've never played a season as long as this one."

"With 82 games in the NHL, my immune system is going to have to get very creative."

"If I can miss between 40-50 games this year, I think I'll be able to say that I lived up to the promise I showed the scouts the last couple of years."

Patrick said he is looking to be a little more inventive than his fellow NHLers who have dealt with "mainstream" ailments recently, such as mumps and staph infections.

"Some of the guys just don't have the right drive and imagination, but I'm hoping to really wow some people in this city this year."

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