Avs fans ​to Trump, NHL: Let us ignore hockey in peace

The Elbow staff


DENVER, CO – A group of Colorado Avalanche fans has written an open letter to President Donald Trump and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman following the weekend's developments. 

The group of diehard supporters co-signed the memo asking for sports to be left out of their beloved politics after the Pittsburgh Penguins announced that they would be accepting the invitation to the White House.

"We, the undersigned, write to both of you explaining how we are devastated by the way the sport has infiltrated politics the last few days," the letter reads.

"We are regular, hardworking westerners. When we come home each day, we use politics as an escape from the horror and devastation that we witness at every Avalanche home game."

"Enough is enough. Please stop making politics all about sports."

One of the organizers of the letter, Jerry Fantasia, spoke exclusively to The Elbow on Monday, saying this has been a tough few days for his family.

"The minute there was mention of hockey on the news, both of our kids started asking piercing questions, such as 'What is hockey?' and 'Do we have a team in Denver?'"

"We shouldn't be forced into a discussion about the Avs with our children. They're not old enough yet," Fantasia said. "No parent is ever fully equipped to answer those questions."

At press time, the Fantasias had explained to their children that there are bad things that happen in the world, and that sometimes you can't do any more than sit back in your seat with a paper bag over your head.

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