Bring Your Child to Work grad promoted to Leafs GM

The Elbow staff

Kyle Dubas wore his best suit to today's press conference

Kyle Dubas wore his best suit to today's press conference

TORONTO, ON – Maple Leafs president Brendan Shanahan today praised the hard work of its newest general manager Kyle Dubas, after the local boy became the first person to work his way up through the Bring Your Child to Work farm system.

Dubas, 14, initially joined the organization days after his eighth birthday, while his father was working in accounting.

"Thank you to Kyle's parents and teachers for letting him have the day off for this very special announcement," Shanahan told reporters in attendance. "This is a very mo-men-tous day, isn't it, Kyle?"

"Since the day he arrived, Kyle has managed to impress everyone he's come in contact with. His drawings of the players in his first week here just blew everyone away."

Dubas' parents said they were very proud of their son, particularly about how he sat up so straight in his chair the whole time.

"We let Kyle have an extra juice box this morning, and were a little concerned that he might've been a little over-excited, but he did a great job," Dubas' father John said. "We couldn't be happier for him."

"The other boys and girls at school are going to be very jealous when they see him tomorrow."

The Leafs are hoping to use further Bring Your Child to Work Day events to help fill out other positions in the front office. For the time being, Cliff Fletcher will remain as a senior advisor.

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