Recipient of Jagr's vital organs happy and healthy five years after surgery

The Elbow staff

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The local man who was the recipient of four of Jaromir Jagr's five vital organs is back to playing hockey again.

Flyers fan Jeffery Eade received Jagr's heart, kidneys, liver and lungs in the summer of 2011, when the recently-signed Philadelphia forward opted to replace his organs with mechanical parts in an NHL-first.

"I was on my deathbed when my wife told me that one man would be donating all of the vital organs I needed," Eade told reporters.

"I was so grateful. I asked to speak directly to the man's family to thank them, but instead, the doctors told me that I could thank the man himself. I couldn't believe it."

Jagr reportedly met Eade following both men's marathon surgeries.

"He jogged into my hospital room the day after his surgery wearing a 80lb weight vest, said hello, and then ran out of the room saying he had to go finish his 30 mile run."

Jagr's agent Petr Svoboda confirmed that he took part in the surgery. 

"Not many people know that Jaromir is operating in much the same way that the T-800 from Terminator did," Svoboda said on Monday. "Only he's just a little bit more human than machine."

"Most people assume he's just very well conditioned," he said with a laugh. "People will believe anything."

The Elbow reported last year that Jagr had been checked by his mechanic and was given a fully clean bill of health prior to the upcoming season. It is understood that despite the added mileage on his odometer this year, he has once again been cleared to play this season.